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Friends help live a better life.

Contact a friend and live longer

Experts say one of the most enriching and life … [Read More...]

B>U Feature Michael Mau and his student Casey Suddarth.

High School teacher Michael Mau and his letter to America

Kentucky High School English teacher, Michael Mau, posted an "An Open Letter to America from a Public School Teacher"  that now, as Michael states, … [Read More...]

Help Rescue Animals

B>U’s Adette saves our pets and our humanity

"Be the person your dog thinks you are." I'm stealing that quote from somewhere but sums up two … [Read More...]

Help fight the winter blues tips

Is it Spring yet? Use these B>U tips to prevent the winter blues

What a brutal winter and it's still not over. So what to do? How about stay in bed and wait for … [Read More...]

Moon Finger science fiction photo

Use modern technology to combat cabin fever?

Being in the dead winter, the term 'Cabin Fever" is something worthy of discussion. Cabin fever is … [Read More...]

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