About Us

In 2012, B>U Creator Matt Evans faced one of his biggest fears: to take the steps to build a successful business from an inspired philosophy. He recruited lifelong friend Bee May who shared the same philosophy of fulfillment and the two embarked on their dreams of taking a philosophical ideal from a concept to a business reality.

And, so, here we are. Embodying B>U as our personal mountain to climb one step at a time. From our shared dreams as small business owners wearing and carrying the philosophy that the better ourselves then the better our world.

Whatever your goals may be, the fears you face or the challenges that lay ahead. It just takes one small step to walk the journey. Join us and the millions of this world’s inhabitants. Wear the philosophy. Join the evolution.

Meet the Founders

Matt Evans – Creator

I am the fortunate product of parents who had the consciousness to break the chains of less than ideal parenting practices.

At an early age I knew that if I didn’t enjoy my life and make a difference in others lives, that I couldn’t hash it out in therapy sessions blaming my parents, the fault would lie with me.

As a shy kid, I always kept my opinions to myself and avoided conflict at all cost. I managed to break out of my shell a little and might have been considered successful in the corporate world but had the dismal feeling every Sunday, “%$^&, I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow.”

So I left corporate America to find my path at age 28. Brief financial highs and lows ensued, but inner peace and happiness continued to elude me. The desire to help more than myself was an overriding desire.

Bee May – Conductor

At Mozarts in Austin, TX

And so, this day forward, they would carry the B>U inspiration to all who would listen

In 2001, I produced and directed my first feature length movie – “A Documentary”. The movie was based on the most powerful question of your world: Are you fulfilled?

What was more interesting about creating the movie was I had never held a camera in my life. But, every day for two years, I learned a little more until the movie won “Best Documentary” at the barebones film festival.

It was then I realized I was already living the B>U philosophy. So when Matt started explaining the concept, I had to stop him mid-sentence and tell him “I’m in. Let’s do it.”

So every day, I live my own B>U. Helping grieving parents from losing a child to being a better parent. Writing a new song or smiling more than yesterday.

But, one thing I do try is to promote B>U a little more each day. Because if I can inspire just one person to be greater than themselves then we are one step closer to a better humanity.