UPDATE: B>U features Law and Life student Jafon Fearson


UPDATE: B>U Feature Jafon Fearson’s Journey Through Law School

Read below and you’ll see how we playfully but sincerely said ‘we’re watching your growth, Jafon’. So Jafon recently wrote us with an update we want to share. Here it is verbatim:

I am now moving into my last year of law school, and I must say it is bittersweet (well, maybe a little more sweet). Now that I have finally rounded out my second year, I can truly say it has been a challenging and fulfilling one. The year for me started on a somewhat somber and down tone, due to performance in my first year that fell much below the standards I hold for myself. Law school was a challenge like none other, and while feelings of fear and doubt about my career choice began to creep in, my thirst for success was greater. I prayed, and decided to push through. I resolved myself to go beyond my past study habits, and to make key changes in my study routine which included involving my professors more.The result was a year full of hard work and accomplishments! Not only did I make the Dean’s list for both semesters this year, but I got two publications (one with the Journal of Environmental & Sustainability Law, and one co-authored with Professor Dennis Crouch for the ABA’s Supreme Court PREVIEW), placed first in the 3rd Annual Patent Law Moot Court competition, and received the CALI Excellence for the Future Award for the highest grade in Internet Law.

Amidst my academic accomplishments, I served as the President of the Association of Intellectual Property & Entertainment Law, the Vice-President for the Black Law Students Association, an Associate on the Journal of Environmental & Sustainability Law, and a member on the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Team (where we beat last year’s defending national champions on the regional level to move on to compete at Nationals).

As for this summer, I am taking classes and preparing for the patent bar. I am using a prep course called Omniprep, and I plan to take the patent bar in late July. I am going to Chicago for the first weekend in August for interviews at the PLIP (Patent Law Interview Program). Wish me luck!

B>U features University of Missouri Law School Student Jafon Fearson: One small ripple of kindness has the ability to grow into a tidal wave of good spirit and love, affecting a multitude of others.

From UAB to the University of Missouri

B>U’s Jafon Fearson

“As I stood up to the podium, anticipating silence pierced Bartow Arena. Swelling with joy, excitement, and pride, I delivered inspiration to my largest audience yet,’” reflects B>U feature Jafon Fearson. As the 2012 Undergraduate Commencement Keynote Speaker at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Jafon was able to tell his story about being raised by a single mother on a small income to graduating with honors then being accepted to the University of Missouri School of Law.

B>U is not about grades nor achievements but trying to be a better human for a better world. That’s where Jafon steps into the B>U spotlight. Through his college years at UAB, Jafon volunteered for many organizations ranging from the March of Dimes to the Pathways Shelter for Women. Distinguishing himself as a future leader as a member of the President’s list and the Sigma Alpha Lambda Honor Society.

But, most importantly, Jafon embodies B>U by spending time as a peer mentor through the Black Student Awareness Committee and the Blazer Male Excellence Network. Through his mentorship and just having the heart to spend time with fellow students, Jafon is doing his part to ensure their futures will be built with a college degree and a model for them to help this world be a better place for all.

B>U will be watching you, Jafon. As you grow and continue your education, we are counting on your spirit to inspire others to embrace being greater than themselves. And as we follow your life’s path in helping others, B>U will do everything we can to provide you the world as your biggest audience to share your inspiration.

From UAB to the University of Missouri

Cap and all

Look into the eyes of Jafon’s evolution. Here are his answers.

1.       What motivates you? You must find and accept who you are. Although I have extrinsic forms of motivation, including my family and friends, my true motivation has always come from within. This would not be possible if I was unsure of my position. I always encourage myself to set the bar higher. To serve harder. To lead better.

2.       Who inspires you or made a difference in your life?  I have a network of support amongst my parents, family, and friends. When you strive to better yourself and your community, you will have access to an unlimited reservoir of support. Their smiles of approval, love, and admiration are my inspiration.

3.       How do you pick yourself up?  At some point in life, we all experience some sort of fall… It is particularly the picking up after the fall that defines us. Thinking of my family and friends inspires me to work harder. If I worked hard the last time, then I work hard in a different way. I never allow myself self-pity and I never take no for an answer. No matter what, I never quit.

4.       Favorite sayings or mantras? One small ripple of kindness has the ability to grow into a tidal wave of good spirit and love, affecting a multitude of others. Always smile brightly and tell someone thank you. You could be changing the world.

5.       Who do you want to inspire?  I want to inspire my own and future generations. I want them to believe in themselves, and through that make others do the same. I want them to dream big and be their own person.

6.    Describe an important and/or pivotal moment in your life? Being selected as the commencement speaker for my graduating class at the University of Alabama at Birmingham was one of the greatest achievements of my life. If, before that moment, there had been any doubt as to what the impact of serving others could do, it then faded away. This moment was important for me because it was both confirmation and validation that all of my hard work had been noticed. As I stood up to the podium, anticipating silence pierced Bartow Arena. Swelling with joy, excitement, and pride, I delivered inspiration to my largest audience yet.

7.    What do you do every day to try to be a greater person? I regularly review my life goals, short and long term. I work hard to achieve those goals, but not so hard that I forget to enjoy the spectacles of life. I am also careful not to ever put myself before others, no matter how much I am praised or talked about. I enjoy being a regular person, one that never minds doing the “dirty work”. Ultimately, the light so many others see shining in me is just God working through me. I am thankful and blessed to know that and I want others to know it too.



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