UPDATE: B>U’s Vivian Saunders takes kids beyond the digital divide

Youth programs helping at risk kids

The Hive’s Vivian and her “bees” building a future for troubled teenagers

The digital divide grows wider and wider every day as technology moves at, well, literally light speed. But not everybody has the opportunity or the circumstances to keep up the with today’s technology. Many children do not have the means or the access thus creating a division of digital ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. That’s where Vivian Saunders comes in.

Vivian is the executive director of “The Hive”. The Hive is an alternative school that underprivileged children and young men (6th to 12th grade) turn to in order to avoid the trap of drugs, gangs and violence. One of the Hive’s most successful components is the technology lab teaching students today’s technology so they can survive and thrive for themselves and their families.

Vivian epitomizes the B>U spirit in her own way and is proving it by lowering the rate of gang violence in her Bertie County, NC area while other neighboring counties’ rates are increasing. Unfortunately, though, the economy of today has trickled down and out of The Hive’s funds but that doesn’t stop Vivian on her B>U journey teaching children to be greater than themselves.


UPDATE: B>U has been following Vivian’s Hive since July 2012 and in early 2014, Vivian keeps pushing along with her efforts helping lift the children in her area to greater heights. She put to work the children she helps and finished remodeling her hive building that keeps her charity becoming a greater force to continue her B>U inspiration helping children discover their potential.

During Christmas of 2013, Vivian and donors Rent-A-Center and Bestway distributed $3000 worth of food, clothing and toys. A gift that never could have happened without Vivian and the great support of her volunteers, sponsors and donors. But Vivian needs help to maintain her efforts in helping the children to their path of B>U so donate now to keep the hive alive that helps hundreds of children each year who need Vivian’s guidance. For more information about the Hive and how to donate, contact Vivian at vsaunders@one-economy.com.

At risk youth turn to Vivian Saunders to help lift their lives.

Vivian Saunders making smiles possible through her charity – The Hive.


Vivian’s inspiration for all to be greater than themselves has spurred a Robert Townsend movie and this short documentary.

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