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UPDATE: B>U’s Vivian Saunders takes kids beyond the digital divide

The Hive's Vivian and her "bees" building a future for troubled youth

The digital divide grows wider and wider every day as technology moves at, well, literally light speed. But not everybody has the opportunity or the circumstances to keep up the with today’s technology. Many children do not have the means or the access thus creating a division of digital ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. That’s where Vivian … [Read more...]

Meet Courtney, the survivor

Inspirational Speaker Courtney Clark

Meet the oh-so approachable Courtney Clark, one of B>U's wonderful feature stories of 'life is not what you have, but what you do with it'. Or, in Courtney-speak 'It's about how you deal, not what you're dealt.' Courtney is philanthropic force and voice in Texas helping inspire others to be greater than themselves through charity, optimism … [Read more...]

UPDATE: B>U Feature Nisha releases her new music video

An inspirational story, A military story

Here's the latest update from Nisha and her dreams of being a music star. She moved out to California to be closer to the biz. She's been in the studio recording tunes for her CD and she recently released her brand new music video of her cover of Tracey Chapman's "Give Me One Reason". Check it out: Nisha Nandez Music Video of "Give Me One … [Read more...]

Meet the B>U Angel: Dr. Joanne Cacciatore

Dr. Joanne Cacciatore

If the most devastating, catastrophic and unthinkable event happened to you - losing your child then find the angel named Joanne. One who hundreds and hundreds of families have found through the decades. Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, founder of the MISS Foundation and professor at Arizona State University, specializes in treating those affected by … [Read more...]

B>U Feature Story: Coach Jeff Stapleton and his feat of barefoot running

barefoot running strength conditioning

While we don't have the budget to interview our B>U features personally (yet), I can still feel the energy, enthusiasm and feisty personality of Running Coach Jeff Stapleton through our virtual communication. But, if I had to run up to Ontario, Canada to interview Coach Jeff Stapleton I would have to run up there in feet of bare or he would kick … [Read more...]

B>U Feature: Nora helping a Teen Matter through art

Helping Teenage angst

College student Nora Greene is on her way to the highest Girl Scout honors (look at all of those badges!) by making a path for high school students to express themselves through their art. So she created TeenMatter.com and its corresponding facebook page. Here's the gist: "Teenmatter is a website created to display the art and writing of … [Read more...]

B>U Feature: To be B>U, you need focus. Take it from Leanna and Leslie.

High School Boxing Training

There's a spirit jumping around the gym. You can feel it, see it and meet it. In this case, the spirits were Leanna and Leslie. Their brightness, insight and confidence lie in the fact they want to punch you out. OK, maybe not. Only if you're hangin' with them in the boxing ring. The heck with boxing, though. Spend some time with these girls (or … [Read more...]

Meet the authentic B>U Feature Anais Bock

Life Coach Anais Bock

Meet B>U Feature Anais Bock from Munich, Germany. At least that's where she is today. We asked her some questions about her life and life coaching to gain her insight on being greater than yourself to reach your authenticity. We hope one day to catch up with Anais walking barefoot on a beach with a glass of wine in her hand and having a great … [Read more...]

B>U Feature: One punch at a time for B>U’s Delores Moreno

Golden Gloves Coach Delores Moreno

You could see life's lessons and wisdom through Delores Morenos' eyes. From fighting in the street as a teenager to witnessing a stabbing outside her home, Delores is no stranger to the vitriol side of humanity. But she takes all of those experiences with gloves on and a heart out helping children and her community in the boxing ring. In a … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Taking Courage from my Best Friend’s Cancer Battle

The inspirational story of Joey and his fight with cancer

Read the latest update on Joey's fight with cancer. This is the essence of the B>U family we are creating. Joining together to help each of us to become better than ourselves. We are rooting for you Joey! June 20, 2013 - Here's an update about Joey's Chemotherapy from Kathleen. "I just wanted to update and let you know that Joey's PET … [Read more...]