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Read the B>U Inspirational stories from across the U.S. Or read the B>U Lifestyle tips and the B>U inspirational, motivational and funny quotes. The stories represent the power of being greater than yourself through self awareness, fulfillment, inspiration and, most of all, caring about others enough to take action. The tips and quotes are to give you the tools to stay on the B>U path. Be greater than yourself for a greater world.

Coming home from the war: A B>U Soldier Story

A Soldier and his Dog - Nut'n better

A Soldier’s Story Meet Dave Holt: From the war to darkness to light. Read Dave’s B>U story. We send out a questionnaire to our B>U featured persons as the basis for a narrative story. But some are so good that they must speak for themselves. So here 'tis straight from Dave's heart. “My medical retirement from the army after … [Read more...]

B>U Feature: To be B>U, you need focus. Take it from Leanna and Leslie.

High School Boxing Training

There's a spirit jumping around the gym. You can feel it, see it and meet it. In this case, the spirits were Leanna and Leslie. Their brightness, insight and confidence lie in the fact they want to punch you out. OK, maybe not. Only if you're hangin' with them in the boxing ring. The heck with boxing, though. Spend some time with these girls (or … [Read more...]

UPDATE: B>U’s Anais Bock and her ‘take no bullshit’ advice

Life Coach Anais Bock

UPDATE: What's Anais been up to lately? Taking no prisoners is what. She and some of her 'sisters' recently created the "Big Sister Summit' being held in October in Munich, Germany. It's where a group of women entrepreneurs can support each other through chocolate, mindfulness and not putting up with any bullshit. And that's the title of … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Michelle Citrin does a TED Talk on being yourself

New York Songwriter Michelle Songwriter and her B>U inspiration

UPDATE: B>U feature, Michelle Cirtin, recently gave a TED Talk at Columbia University on the power of being yourself. Perfect for B>U! Scroll down to watch the video and be inspired   Original Story: "I want to be all that is there can be. I wanna solve all of the world's great mysteries. Most of all, I want to be me," so sings … [Read more...]

UPDATE: B>U features Law and Life student Jafon Fearson

B>U's Jafon Fearson

UPDATE: B>U Feature Jafon Fearson's Journey Through Law School Read below and you'll see how we playfully but sincerely said 'we're watching your growth, Jafon'. So Jafon recently wrote us with an update we want to share. Here it is verbatim: Hello! I am now moving into my last year of law school, and I must say it is bittersweet (well, … [Read more...]

Meet some of B>U featured people who inspire

B>U helping charities

It's been a great experience meeting all sorts of people who inspire in their own ways. We produced this short music video to try to capture as many of our features as possible while projecting the spirit of being greater than yourself. Take a gander at this video as it is only 1 minute or so. Thanks! http://youtu.be/_Ig4NXkh7kM About … [Read more...]

June is national fresh fruit and vegetables month

June is fresh fruit month

Fast food is fast, cheap and easy. Frozen foods are fast, cheap, easy and frozen. Packaged and canned foods are fast, cheap, easy and boxed. AND, all of those have great commercials that pound that message. But, in the end, you have to put natural foods in your body. It's how we became human. That is why June is national fresh fruit and … [Read more...]

UPDATE: B>U’s Vivian Saunders takes kids beyond the digital divide

The Hive's Vivian and her "bees" building a future for troubled youth

The digital divide grows wider and wider every day as technology moves at, well, literally light speed. But not everybody has the opportunity or the circumstances to keep up the with today’s technology. Many children do not have the means or the access thus creating a division of digital ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. That’s where Vivian … [Read more...]

Meet Courtney, the survivor

Inspirational Speaker Courtney Clark

Meet the oh-so approachable Courtney Clark, one of B>U's wonderful feature stories of 'life is not what you have, but what you do with it'. Or, in Courtney-speak 'It's about how you deal, not what you're dealt.' Courtney is philanthropic force and voice in Texas helping inspire others to be greater than themselves through charity, optimism … [Read more...]

UPDATE: B>U Feature Nisha releases her new music video

An inspirational story, A military story

Here's the latest update from Nisha and her dreams of being a music star. She moved out to California to be closer to the biz. She's been in the studio recording tunes for her CD and she recently released her brand new music video of her cover of Tracey Chapman's "Give Me One Reason". Check it out: Nisha Nandez Music Video of "Give Me One … [Read more...]