B>U Feature: Comedian Rick Gutierrez is an inspiration for a funny business

Stand up Comedian Rick Gutierrez

Being funny is a serious business.

“Stage time, stage time, stage time,” proclaims comedian Rick Gutierrez.

That’s what it takes to be a nationally touring comedian. And Rick knows. Spending 20 years in the business, he speaks about it candidly on how the stand-profession is one the best and, yet, one of the toughest.

“Being on the road all through the year takes a toll on you. Takes a toll on your family. This career can bring a lot of heartache.”

Rick spent last year touring with Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias in packed arenas. Now he prepares for his own Comedy Central special for next fall. A TV special that was one-stage-at-a-time in the making.

Beginning in his home town in San Antonio, TX; Rick worked up from getting five minutes on stage here and there. Then becoming an opener. Then the feature. Now a touring headliner. And each stage being more difficult than the last but being funnier each time.

Rick likes to call him a social comic commenting on the nuances of everyday America. I’m not supposed to print his age but here’s an indication. The first time I was lucky enough to see his set, he liked to comment on how children today have it easy with their gameboys, nintendos, wii, etc while his toys growing up consisted of… dirt. Or the metal slide that would have caused a lawsuit by burning the backs of every child sliding down the singeing toaster.

Talking about the business of Comedy and Rick’s inspirational rise is a duality in of itself.

“Comedy is a serious business. Most think it’s fun. And it is fun. But it is an every day thing. Constantly writing jokes. Calling people. Looking for the next gig. That’s why most people quit. They realize the enormous work and that less than ½% make it big.”

Rick claims he’s not in that percentile but touring the country as a headliner for the past decade obviously shows he’s accomplished what very little have done. And, as such, look to him for wisdom, guidance and as an inspiration.

Stand up Comedian Rick Gutierrez

One stage at a time.

And, the fact, that I was talking to him after he was returning from Hawaii performing in front of thousands should also give indication of his success. In typical Rick fashion, he sums his B>U inspirational comedic journey as such,

“I’m alive. F*&% it. If I die tomorrow, I did it. Travelled the world. Met hundreds of people and did things so many people haven’t done.”

And, that is why B>U specifically asked Rick to be a B>U feature because his journey is worthy of the stage and as an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve what they love to do.


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