B>U Lifestyle Tips: Stretching and Flexibility a key to a B>U Mind and Body

Lifestyle Tips

Julie says ‘feel more free’

“Stretching your muscles leads to a more flexible body. Stretching your mind leads to a more flexible soul.”

This is from Julie Wilcox of the Julie Wilcox Method.

Flexibility Helps To:

1. Prevent everyday injury including: muscle and disc strains that occur when turning over in bed or getting out of bed; shoulder tweaks that result from doing tasks on the job that involve lifting or reaching; back aches due to transitioning to standing from sitting, bending down to pick something up, or even walking up and down the stairs.

2. Improve your posture.

3. Lengthen your muscles for a longer leaner look.

4. Make playing with your kids and babies easier and less injurious (remember that touch football game during which you overstretched you hamstrings?).

5. Allow you to feel more free, open, calm, content, and confident from the inside out.

6. Spread prana (life force) into your cells, which invigorates your spirit.

7. Make cardio activity a lot lighter and easier.

8. Enhance sports performance (i.e. better arm and shoulder extension and rotation for swimmers and basketball players, longer strides for runners, deeper knee bends and hip flexion for skiers) as well as to parry blows that come with strong athletic endeavors.

9. Travel more comfortably because of the ability to sit in many different positions and do things with your body in confined spaces you otherwise could not do.

10. Need I say get through the Kama Sutra?


An article by Julie Wilcox reprinted from MindBodyGreen.com.

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